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Red Witch Inner Circle Membership

Red Witch Inner Circle Membership

$1,999.00 USD

What is the Red Witch Inner Circle?
The Inner Circle is an exclusive membership comprised of guitar pedal aficionados and Red Witch endorsers. Becoming a member gives you four excellent things:

1) A selection of exisiting pedals plus two limited release pedals (no longer available to the public) and one completely unique pedal that will never be released to the public - made specifically and exclusively for members of the Inner Circle. The Red Witch Phoenix Phaser. There is a picture of the selection above and to the left of the text.
Over $2500 worth of pedals.

2) We will send you (at no additional cost) a pedal from the first production unit of every new product release. 
This pedal will be from #001 onwards (the first person to take up the member ship will get each #001, the second member will receive #002 the third #003 and so on). Every new pedal will be sent to you. Forever. At no additional charge. We have 4 new pedals coming out over the next 10 months.

3) Two "tone tuning" sessions with Ben Fulton via Skype. Ever wanted some expert help dialing your tone? Consultation with someone who has designed pedals used and loved by some of the planets greatest guitarists? Members get to engage in two Skype sessions with Red Witch founder and designer Ben Fulton to discuss any and all aspects of their set up, sound and sonic aspirations.

4) A Red Witch Inner Circle Membership Certificate.

So what does it cost to join the Red Witch Inner Circle?
Membership to the Inner Circle is a one off payment of $1999USD. You get the pedal collection listed above (value $2500), you get one of every new pedal that Red Witch ever produces for free and you get two tone tuning sessions with Ben Fulton.


Conditions/ Details.

1) The pedal selection is comprised of :

1 X Phoenix Phaser - Exclusive only to members of the Red Witch Inner Circle
1 X Titan Triple Delay (more details here)
1 X Limited Edition Fuzz God IIc (more details here)
1 X Limited Edition Titan Chronos (more details here)
1 X Zeus Suboctave Fuzz Pedal (more details here)
1 X Factotum Suboctave Bass Distortion (more details here)
1 X Famulus Overdrive (more details here)
1 X Violetta Modulated Delay (more details here)
1 X Grace Compressor (more details here)
1 X Lily Clean Boost (more details here)
1 X Ivy Distortion (more details here)
1 X Scarlett Overdrive (more details here)
1 X Eve Tremolo (more details here)
1 X Violet Delay (more details here)

The Phoenix Phaser is an utterly unique stereo 12 stage Fet Based Analog Phaser. A completely original design. 12 modes. All Analog. All swirl and shimmer. All Hail. Almighty.

2) Members will be responsible for freight costs on the pedal selection listed in 1 and the shipping cost of the first new pedal from each new pedal design production.

3) Skype sessions with Ben Fulton are to be arranged at mutually convenient time for both you and Ben Fulton. Each session can run up to 1 hour long.