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Titan Chronos - Limited Edition

$249.99 USD

Heir to the throne..... our new TITAN CHRONOS Delay offers two exceptionally useable, innovative features..... Not one but TWO expression pedal inputs to control both Delay time and Feedback.... in realtime., as you play.

Open a door to a playground of limitless space-time potential!

This pedal is a limited edition - only 50 of these will be made. Each unit is hand signed by creator Ben Fulton. If you love sonic manipulation... if you consider yourself a six-string Timelord - you do not want to miss out! 

Offering the features of it's precursor, the Chronos has three 1200m/s delay engines. The expression pedal inputs control the Delay and feedback settings on the first delay. In order to engage, simply insert two 50k expression pedals into the lower sockets (the Moog EP2 or Korg EX3 work beautifully), this automatically disengages the onboard delay and feedback controls. And you're away! 

Voiced for the ultimate analog styled sound, the Titan Chronos provides three 1200 millisecond delays that can be used in either series or parallel mode simply by flicking a switch.

The device can be used to create simple repeats or it can dial up gorgeous, intricate cathedral like reverberations - your imagination is your only limit.

 We use the classic analog delay compander to ensure the ultimate recreation of an analog flavoured delay, which works hand in hand with our more contemporary delay engines. 


  • Three independent 1200 m/sec delays
  • Exp pedal inputs fro control opf delay and feedback
  • Use all three delays in series or parallel
  • Ultimate analog voicing – classic analog companding and frequency response
  • Truebypass
  • DC 9volt wall wart only


Current draw: 146ma

Weight: 382 grams

Dimensions: 118mm x 38mm x 94mm